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a question... [08 Feb 2011|12:11am]

Hello! I'm new to the community and I hope it's ok asking for this ^^

I know that SUGIZO has published 3 books, right? I wonder, does anybody have them? What are they about? Are they like novels? Also, does anybody know of a download link?

I'd really like to have a look at them. With the magic that is his music, I wonder how he'd express himself writing.. =)

Thanks in advance ~
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LUNA SEA "20th Anniversary WORLD TOUR - to the new moon-" 2010/12/23 [13 Jan 2011|06:02pm]

LUNA SEA "20th Anniversary WORLD TOUR - to the new moon-" 2010/12/23 at TOKYO DOME
"We have come between all of you, and it feels great" - RYUICHI KAWAMURA

It had been three years since LUNA SEA had performed last at TOKYO DOME, when they returned to Japan's largest indoor stadium, which would hold more than 50,000 fans that night of December 23rd, 2010. It was the first day of three consecutive shows and not only would LUNA SEA charm their audience, but they would also receive a very special gift.

The large stage with two large monitors to each side was extended with a long circular catwalk, allowing some lucky fans to be surrounded by the stage. Another large monitor could be seen above the stage, allowing even those sitting high up under the roof of TOKYO DOME to grasp the atmosphere on stage directly. The lights turned out and a roar of cheers would be heard as "LOVELESS" marked the beginning of the show. In the back of the stage a large new moon, resembling a solar eclipse could be seen along with the LUNA SEA logo as one by one the band members came on stage.

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LUNA SEA Live Report & Twitter Story [05 Jan 2011|05:09pm]

A Holy Reboot in Hong Kong
LUNA SEA 20thANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR REBOOT - to the New Moon - at Hong Kong Asia Expo, December 11th, 2010

Hong Kong, one of LUNA SEA's favorite cities, was the third stop of the REBOOT world tour. LUNA SEA held a concert in 1999 when many "SLAVEs" (Note: name of LUNA SEA fans) had been attracted by their glamour and music since then. LUNA SEA chose Hong Kong to announce its "Shuu Maku" (Note: A stop in band activity) back in 2000 and also picked this place to declare its REBOOT this year. Hong Kong is definitely a place LUNA SEA has a deep affection for and December 11th was a long-awaited day for SLAVEs in Hong Kong.

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MJP Twitter Stories: Creating a new legend - LUNA SEA at TOKYO DOME

-- The end of 2010 had many bands play at TOKYO DOME for the first time in their career. However, one band returned to the huge venue and caused a great amount of excitement among the "greenhorns" in the business. From December 23rd to 25th in three consecutive nights LUNA SEA finalized their WORLD TOUR at TOKYO DOME.
Let's have a look at some impressions...

Shuji (Janne Da Arc): At TOKYO DOME now!

Kirito (Angelo): It helps me, too, that our great sempais are still showing what that can even today!

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Press Note: One Holy Night of Three with LUNA SEA [27 Dec 2010|06:05pm]

Hello everyone!

I can certainly speak of eventful holidays as this year 2010 is eventually coming to an end. On Thursday, December 23rd I got the opportunity to attend the first of three consecutive shows of LUNA SEA at TOKYO DOME for their tour final of the "20th Anniversary WORLD TOUR REBOOT - to the new moon-".

LUNA SEA are certainly legends and being able to witness them play live after their amazing comeback at such a well-known venue is probably something many people would like for Christmas, right?

The show that day had SOLD OUT completely and the venue was filled with fans high up until under the roof. And LUNA SEA really unites their fans. Waves could be seen running through the audience during the break before the encore, amongst continuous cheers for the band to come back on stage.

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Live Report: LUNA SEA ~ 20th Anniversary World Tour Reboot - to the New Moon @ LA [24 Dec 2010|05:28pm]

LUNA SEA ~ 20th Anniversary World Tour Reboot - to the New Moon
December 4, 2010 @ Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles USA

Hollywood Palladium, an over 60 years old Art Deco style building, locates on the world famous Sunset Strip at Hollywood California. It has hosted Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards in the early years. As a music venue, The Rolling Stones, The Police, Prince, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and many more have left their foot prints here. On December 4 of 2010, LUNA SEA walked up to this historical stage as the second stop of the band's 20th Anniversary World Tour.

The venue is an oval shape, and there are 10 crystal lights surrounding the edge. A big screen was showing LUNA SEA's logo behind the drum stage.

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Fashion Check: LUNA SEA in Bochum, Germany 2010/11/27 [16 Dec 2010|03:48pm]

 FashionCheck at LUNA SEA
20th Anniversary World Tour REBOOT ~to the New Moon~ concert
on 27th November 2010 in Bochum, Germany

You could feel frosty temperatures while the sun set in Bochum, Germany, when dozens of LUNA SEA fans gathered in front of RuhrCongrss. Since it was the weekend of the first advent, some wished for hot punch waiting in that coldness and covered their outfits with dark coats such as caps and scarfs, which made it pretty hard to convince someone to do the FashionCheck.
Anyways many thanks to all those, who participated!!

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Interview: LUNA SEA 20th ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR "REBOOT - to the new moon" [14 Dec 2010|06:39pm]


On November 27th, 2010 at the Marriott Courtyard hotel in Gelsenkirchen in the room 1111 the interview with LUNA SEA took place during the afternoon. All members of LUNA SEA were giving numerous interviews all through the afternoon.
SUGIZO, who was sitting on a red couch answered the questions together with J. Sometimes they answered in English and J surprised with his extremely good pronunciation of English.

---- Many people had been anticipating the reunion of LUNA SEA and gotten excited with every bit of news, which had been revealed. What was your thinking behind the timing of your return as a band?

J: It's natural. We came back together naturally.

SUGIZO: We were on a journey for then years. It seemed wise to stop with LUNA SEA.

---- You revealed new information on full moon nights a lot. Was it difficult to schedule this? Why did you choose full moon nights to reveal your information?

J: (laughs)

SUGIZO: It's just like LUNA SEA

J: Well, we could have put out the information whenever we wanted to. But as we have the meaning of "moon" in our name it fits. It was quite an interesting timing to start.

SUGIZO: It's charming, right?

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December Week One Contest Line up: LUNA SEA, Nightmare, Harajuku Kawaii [30 Nov 2010|04:10pm]


prize of the week

-December Week 1 contests+-
Deadline: December 5th
Announcement date: The 4th week of January.
Lineup: LUNA SEA , Nightmare , Harajuku Kawaii

1. LUNA SEA WORLD TOUR Ticket Present
2. Nightmare Pamphlet
3. Japanese High School Girl style set
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Interview with Sugizo in the SFWeekly [12 Oct 2010|09:39pm]


Done after the show in Oakland. Enjoy, feel free to comment and spread links around.

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SWEETEST COMA - LUNA SEA Forum [20 Sep 2010|08:49pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

SWEETEST COMA is an English-speaking LUNA SEA community. We would like to provide a place where we can discuss and share info about LUNA SEA, RYUICHI KAWAMURA, SUGIZO, INORAN, J and SHINYA.

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SUGIZO First Interview with musicJAPANplus Part III !!! [09 Feb 2010|08:29pm]

Chapter 4:About iPhone and iPod touch Applications

----You've begun to distribute iPhone and iPod touch applications. What made you decide to upload them?

SUGIZO:It's because I've been an avid user of Apple products. I like new gadgets (laugh)...Come to think of it, my official website is celebrating its 12th anniversary. Back in 1997, there weren't many musicians who were putting serious efforts into building official websites. So I've always liked to capitalize on new technology and new situations to express myself. I also think the apps are very interesting as communication tools as well.

Continue to read...

Latest Updates:

Chapter 1: If X JAPAN was only trying to recreate the days when hide-san had been alive, they wouldn't have needed me.

Chapter 2: It's a 'JUNO Dojo', an ideal training ground. But it's like a family too.

Chapter 3: When I first heard 'MESSIAH', I thought "This is it! This is 'MESSIAH'!" The song was my savior that led me towards the next step.

Chapter 4: I want to strengthen ties with fans through music using the 'mini-mini' SUGIZO official website.

Chapter 5: The members for this time could be dubbed 'COSMIC DANCE ORCHESTRA'.

Chapter 6: The first thing that came to mind was "It's miraculous that we made it in one piece." (laugh)

Chapter 7: We have to boldly display our pride in being Japanese.

Chapter 8: Set clear goals for what you want to achieve, and then create good music.

Chapter 9:We are the ones that can bring the world together through music.


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SUGIZO First Interview with musicJAPANplus Part II!! [02 Feb 2010|07:43pm]

Latest Updates:

Chapter 1: If X JAPAN was only trying to recreate the days when hide-san had been alive, they wouldn't have needed me.

Chapter 2: It's a 'JUNO Dojo', an ideal training ground. But it's like a family too.

Chapter 3: When I first heard 'MESSIAH', I thought "This is it! This is 'MESSIAH'!" The song was my savior that led me towards the next step.

Chapter 2:JUNO REACTOR and Activities Overseas

----In April, September, October and December you toured around various cities all over the world with JUNO REACTOR. How do you view the concerts performed with the group?

SUGIZO:When touring with JUNO, the venues we visit don't always have all the equipment you need. You have to bring your own instruments, and you go to each stop across the globe on your own. You've got to do tours without help from other people, just like I used to do many times in my early years. But because of that you get to interact directly with the fans, and in that sense it is very significant. You get to experience the most basic things that you usually don't encounter after performing on the frontlines for 20 years. You are able to keep it real and remember your roots. For that I'm very grateful.

Continue to read...
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Lunatic slaveS forum Announcement <3 [17 Sep 2009|04:48pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi ^_^ me and some other girls just created an international LUNA SEA community, dedicated both to the band and to its single members (namely: Sugizo, J, Inoran, Ryuichi, Shinya)

We need members and staff so that we can become a huge community! We also are open to AFFILIATIONS, if any of you want to affiliate your own site/blog/forum/LJ community to us!

please contact me by pm or stop by the site


Thanks for reading <3

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[REQ] SUGIZO ROSIER pics [30 Jul 2009|09:00pm]

(The ones who's in the LUNA SEA com might have seen this already, but I'm posting it here also.)


I wonder if anyone has any photos of Sugizo in his Rosier outfits? The "ordinary" or the slut nazi is both fine! (actually, I really want photos of the nazi one) I will use them as help for a cosplay I'm planning to do and I'm getting really tired of searching for photos I can't find (I've been searching for one year now O_o) So ANY photos will make me a very happy woman^^

Thank you so much in advance.
Peace out!
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JRockRevolution.com's Summer Street Team! [18 Jun 2009|06:05pm]


Join the JrockRevolution.com's official Street Team for one of the above events! Click the banner to sign up now!
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ECTON x SUGIZO Rise to Heaven on Earth [27 Mar 2009|07:13am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello,as you already know SUGIZO released a book "ECTON x SUGIZO Rise to Heaven on Earth" on March 25.According to this blog ,if there's sufficient people who interested with the book,they will release it in English.

SUGIZO book advocacy [FAN PROJECT]

On March 25th, SUGIZO released a live DVD and a book. The book is a collection of SUGIZO’s dialogues with channeler ECTON (Richard Lavin) and “is a condensed version of all the wisdom and intelligence I wanted to know,” said SUGIZO.

Problem is, this publication is currently only available in Japanese, BUT if enough interest is shown they will release an English version!

With that, I would like to invite each and every one of you out there to send an email to mail@richardlavin.com expressing your support for an English version of “ECTON x SUGIZO Rise to Heaven on Earth”

For more details, check out our news update HERE
Or SUGIZO’s MySpace: www.myspace.com/sugizo
And ECTON’s site: www.richardlavin.com


Quoted from Richard Lavin website:
"It is also a time for a new book!  “ECTON X SUGIZO” is a collaboration between Sugizo, the musician and social activist, my trusted interpreter and translator, Champak, our wonderful editor Yuki Namiki, the staff at Voice Co. Inc., and me, Richard.  This is a book that addresses in detail current personal and global issues and concerns of many Japanese and the world’s citizens in an interview format conducted by Sugizo."
"For my English speaking friends, sorry this book is in Japanese only.  But depending on the interest in the book, we might print an English version also.  Send me an email and I will forward your request to Voice Co. Inc."

so please help support us (non Japanese readers) by sending email to mail@richardlavin.com

I am no way related with Evan who wrote that blog,I am just a fan that trying to spread the message since I am also interested with the book xD

Thank you!!!

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Looking for a concrete picture [12 Mar 2009|01:24am]


I am loking for a picture of Sugizo, I remember he had like... some shopped zips in his skin. Anyone knows what am I talking about?

Edit: OK thank you! Anyway...


I need it for an arts work =)
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[03 Feb 2009|12:02am]

Not sure how many of you heard about the Jrock Choice Awards, but sadly, Sugizo has not been nominated for any of the Industry Awards categories. D= Luckily, there's still the fan categories. XD So I made this banner to promote him:

I probably could have done better, but hey, the last day to pick nominations is this Thursday, so I was a bit rushed. XD" Still I think it turned out decent. =D

Anyway, click the banner to go to the JCA Awards site and nominate Sugizo for as many categories as you see fit. If you have other people you want to nominate, don't worry; you can pick up to five bands/artists per category. =D

(Cross-posted a bit. ^^)

Edit- Changed "vote" to "nominate" to avoid confusion. XD"
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[22 Jan 2009|09:12pm]

I've posted some LUNA SEA icons IN THIS POST, including some with Sugizo. There's also a wallpaper with him. If you're interested, follow the link. :D

Some teasers:
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SUGIZO COVERAGE [06 Jan 2009|09:41pm]

[ mood | awake ]

hey SUGIZO fans (hmm, maybe I should post this in the S.K.I.N. community too? it's looking pretty dead...) Jrock Events USA has some new SUGIZO stuff up.

Interview with SUGIZO

Juno Reactor Live Report

Did you go to Juno Reactor? I wrote the report and *I* thought it was effing trippy (in a good way! definitely revitalized my senses!).

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